WW1 Memorial Work

As you may have seen, work has begun on refurbishing the War Memorials in Haslemere and surrounding towns in anticipation of the coming 100th anniversary. The memorials in the town are maintained by the Council.

The one at the top of the High Street is being worked on by a specialist firm but it’s painstaking work.

The names are being repainted but it took 20 minutes to do the single word ‘James’.

They’re using very fine brushes and signwriter’s enamel for the job.

Elsewhere, work is going ahead with improving other memorials, some needing stonework, some rewriting.

As well as this, Councillors voted to buy two new war memorial benches for the town, one now installed at the War Memorial Recreation Ground, the other on the little green at the junction of Lower Street & Shepherd’s Hill, photo below.

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