What sort of pothole?

You may have read this and want to know more. Well, you might.

Surrey County Council put potholes into four categories and acts accordingly:

Priority One – Make safe within 2 hours. This is really dangerous stuff and should be reported as an emergency on 0330 200 1003.

Priority Two – Make safe or repair within 5 days. Holes deeper than 40mm and wider than 150mm.

Priority Three – Repair within 20 working days. Holes deeper than 30mm and wider than 150mm.

Priority Four – less than 30mm deep and unlikely to get worse. Don’t hold your breath, frankly.

As a performance benchmark though, at 30th January, Surrey had 2,346 reported live defects on its roads and only 145 of these were fixed outside the timescales above.

And they get 300-400 new reports every day.

NB Do not report defects on any third party system or app, use the SURREY REPORTING PAGE for all potholes. Third party stuff doesn’t always get through.

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