Improved – Well Lane footpath

As many will know, there is a Lane down to the town well from the High Street. Well Lane.

The well and the path through to the National Trust land at the rear of the Collingwood & Batchelor car park are actually pretty popular but part of the access is a basically a car park, the footpath having been overgrown and neglected.

Councillors tried to find out who owns the land but drew a blank, so decided to smarten the place up themselves this morning, Saturday 28th October.

Cllrs Round, Odell, Peel & Dear turned out with strimmer, shovels, mattocks, barrows and spades to cut out the overgrowth and re-form the pedestrian path. You can see the results below.

The next stage of the plan is to compact some hogging down to provide a proper path surface and the Council has already money set aside for this more specialist work. Because of what was done this morning however, the project will cost taxpayers less than was originally estimated and access is made a bit easier for pedestrians.


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