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Town Councillors

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These are local people, interested in helping manage and improve the area they live in. They serve for four years and are unpaid.

Currently, there are 10 men and 8 women on the Town Council.

The political makeup changed significantly in the elections of 2nd May 2019, although at the time of writing, and as it should be, no tribal attitudes had been taken by any Councillors.

Their professions cover a broad range of backgrounds, from surveying, engineering, medicine, house-husbands, and wives.

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Jean Arrick (C)

Nikki Barton (I)

Isabelle Cole

Jerome Davidson (Lib Dem)

David Dullaway (C)

Kirsten Ellis (I)

Simon Dear

Brigitte Hewitt (C)

Peter Isherwood (C)

Jacquie Keen (Lib Dem)

Gary Lloyd (G)

Claire Matthes (G)


Peter Nicholson (Lib Dem)

Melanie Odell (C)

John Robini (Mayor until May 2020) (Lib Dem)

David Round

Terry Weldon (Lib Dem)

Geoffrey Whitby (lib Dem)


Each Councillor is elected to represent a Ward (or sub-division) of the town.

To find out your WARD, click here:

To find out more about WARDS, click here:


To find out your WARD, click here:


To find out more about WARDS, click here: