Haslemere’s Public Toilets under threat

After decades of use by those of us in need, Haslemere’s Public Toilets – which are situated in the car park next to Waitrose – are now being closed by Waverley Borough Council, who currently own and run them. They’re not bad people and it’s not their fault but like every Council these days, their budget’s been cut and ends have to meet.

The result has been that Haslemere Town Councillors have been overwhelmed by concerned residents wishing to voice their opinions. At the time of writing in August 2017, an online petition had attracted 891 signatures.

The Town Council saw a clear duty to respond to this level of concern and has assessed how much Haslemere’s Public Toilets will cost to maintain, clean, repair and insure.

The matter was discussed at a Council meeting on 13th July in great detail and a decision made to take them over from Waverley as soon as possible. This will involve sorting out some paperwork.

The Council will initially take them on a short-term agreement followed by a long-term lease, once some technical matters (drainage etc) have been sorted out.

Throughout this process, Waverley have been helpful, constructive and sympathetic to the Council’s ambitions to keep the loos open.

Councillors there to discuss this and take the decision for Haslemere in July were: Sahran Abeysundara, Pat Blades, Penny Bradley, Malcolm Carter , Simon Dear, Jim Edwards, Brigitte Hewitt, William King, Melanie Odell, Liindz Peel, David Round

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