Tesco Planters Vandalised

Morons have vandalised the planting boxes at the Lion Lane/Tesco’s junction, put there earlier this summer by volunteers.

This follows the theft of one whole box three weeks ago and the theft of one hanging basket a fortnight past.

These episodes are awful. It must be particularly sad for those who were involved in planting them.
It’s not certain you can ever really stop this sort of thing but the Town Council is well into looking at CCTV in several areas of the town.
Meetings have been held with Police, there are funds in the budget, we’ve had one price from a contractor and such a system may at least help hunt down vandals in the future.
The Mayor is a former crime prevention officer and this is a great help.
Anyone with information about who did this, please call Police on 101. The postcode for the site is GU27 1LD.
2019-08-04T08:58:06+01:00 August 4th, 2019|