Tennyson Lane Closure

Update 30/5/19

TW say that there is a new-ish main in Tennyson Lane and no excavation work will be needed there. Instead the work will focus on making a connection between the 315mm main in Tennyson with the two old 10″ mains in Scotlands Lane.

This should be completed by 12th June, when the TW kit can be shifted from Tennysons to Scotlands and Tennyson re-opened.

Work will then continue along Scotlands but with traffic lights allowing much better accees for residents.


As some residents will be aware, Thames Water/Surrey County Council have closed Tennyson’s Lane between Chase Lane and Scotland Lane.

That means anyone wanting to get to Blackdown from Haslemere has to go via Petworth Road and Jays Lane – a 5-mile detour.

TW/SCC agreed works could take up to 6 weeks but we made representations to them and asked them to look at working methods to try and shorten this.

Latest word is that works should now take eight days. We don’t know if this is reliable but clearly better than 42 days.

Concerns are not only the inconvenience but also, should emergency services be required in the Chase Lane area, considerable delay in attending. Jays Lane is charming but not suitable for a fire engine or ambulance.

News will follow when received.



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