Public Toilets – More Improvements

One of the last things the old Town Council did before the elections was to make two more improvements to the loos in the Waitrose car park.

Firstly, all those grim hand-washer/dryer units were taken out and replaced with brand new units in the womens’, the mens’ and the disabled areas.

The new ones were expensive but the old ones had had it and were so old, spare parts etc were no longer available. The old ones were physically bigger, hence the grey backing plate covering the opening now.

Secondly, we lowered the height of the walls in front of the individual entrances to make going into them a bit less intimidating.

Several people had commented on Facebook about this concern, so we took some action. Thanks for pointing it out.

There are some other things we’d like to do but they’ll need to be approved by the new Council, elected at the beginning of May.

We’ll keep you posted.

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