Public Loos – Next Steps

Four Town Councillors were up early this morning, Saturday, for the next stage of the improvements to the Public Toilet area in the Waitrose Car Park.

The Council responded to a public outcry and took the loos over from Waverley last year in order the keep them open.

Earlier this year, we pressure washed the outside.   Next, Councillors fixed some plumbing and loo door problems and fitted hooks to the cubicles, so bags etc don’t have to be placed on the floor.

Today, the handrails and bollards around the loos were rubbed down and repainted in black Hammerite paint, to try and lift the appearance of the whole area.

Other internal improvements are planned but we are aware there are problems that still need fixing. The challenge is getting someone to do the work.

If you know of a willing local plumber, please get in touch here or on Facebook………

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