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Surrey’s roads are awful. This is because of the way central government has, for many years, awarded grant money for road maintenance.

It’s done on the basis of the length of roads in a county, not on how much they’re used.

Surrey has almost 3,500 miles of roads with over 4.8 million miles travelled on those roads per year. The grant received by Surrey from the Government is about £4,000 per million vehicle miles travelled. Kent has a figure of £5,500 per million vehicle miles travelled.

The recent Pothole Fund announced by the Government which uses the same formula saw Surrey get £1.8m, whereas one of our neighbouring counties received £2.9m, and a quiet west country area was given £4.4m. Bonkers.

Please – Sign This Petition and make a difference! 10,000 signatures and the government has to respond. 100,000 and it might go to Parliament!

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