No increase in Haslemere tax

Councillors last night (Thursday 17th) approved a budget for ’19-20 that will mean no increase in the Town Council element of your overall Council Tax bill.

Council spending will actually rise by 0.73% but this is offset by an increase in the number of households in the town paying the tax.

The Band D precept will therefore stay as it is at the moment, at £40.57 per year per household.

Things the Town Council does for this £40.57 per year include:

Controlling and running the Public Toilets

The Christmas Lights

Running Lion Green

Managing some green open spaces

Remembrance Day

Making small grants to local charities/volunteer groups

Providing allotments

Supporting the Haslemere Hogs, Hares and next year, Hounds

Supporting the Hunter Centre for Alzheimers patients





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