NatWest Haslemere to Close

In news that will please no-one, it has been announced this morning that the NatWest bank in Haslemere High Street will close on Tuesday 19th June 2018.

The nearest branch after it shuts will be Godalming.

Fewer and fewer people visit banks in person these days, with an estimated 40% reduction in branch customers in the last three years, whilst mobile and online access increased by about the same amount – 40%. Mobile transactions are up by about three-quarters.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably reasonably tech-savvy and it might not affect you all that much.

The shame of it really is as far as local businesses are concerned who need to manage cash and cheques as part of their operation and for the non-tech-savvy, who welcome the help friendly and knowledgeable staff can offer them, as the writer can confirm.

It must be hoped that, following the closure of Barclays and HSBC in Haslemere, sufficient customers now concentrate on Lloyds to make their operation viable, and that the NatWest employees are found jobs elsewhere in the bank.


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