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Lower Street Work

While there’s interest in things infrastructural (see Water), I thought I’d pass on that I’ve had a chat with the men on site in Lower Street doing the electricity work, and so far, so good.

They’re on schedule and have dug about a third of the trench needed on the raised footpath.

They’ve got a huge vacuum excavator (like a vast Hoover on a truck) sucking out the trench in the road coming up from Tanners Lane which will make damaging all the other things in the ground like gas, telephone and water, less likely. It costs a lot to have the machine on site, but it’s safer than it all being done by diggers with a bucket.

There’s a 200m drum of cable on site ready to go into the ground and lots of individual connections to be made.

The Town Council, the Chamber of Commerce as well as individual councillors petitioned SSE to bring forward the work that was originally scheduled to start in mid-July, in order to use as much lockdown time as possible.

They agreed, but were help up by technical problems at Tanners Lane which is all part of the same job.

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