Lion Lane Drainage

Councillors are aware of the problem some residents have had with flooding at the bottom (Marks & Spencer) end of Lion Lane. In response, on 7th July 2017, members of the Amenities committee arranged a site visit with representatives of Surrey County Council and the National Trust, who own most of the land on the west side up the hill – from where a lot of the rain comes, then runs downhill to where the problems arise.

Councillors Dear, King & Round  (pictured here on site) agreed with Surrey and the National Trust [NT]  that five new ‘slots’ be dug between the road and the NT land to intercept the rain.

These slots will be cut into the bank, at the agreed points, to take the water off the road as it runs downhill. The rain will then drain back onto the National Trust land and away, hopefully helping to cure the problem.

It is understood, though, that there are no guarantees, and all parties will be closely monitoring the situation this winter – and will take further action if necessary.

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