Lion Green – What’s Going On?

You may have noticed there’s a digger and some men working on the M&S side of Lion Green today, Tuesday 17th and they’ll be there tomorrow 18th.

What they’re doing is moving two picnic tables and laying shallow foundations for two concrete table tennis tables that the Town Council are installing.

The tables weigh nearly 1.4 tons each so need more than just grass to sit on.

They’re made in Holland and unfortunately the factory shuts down for the summer so we won’t be able to take delivery before the beginning of September, after the school holidays alas, but there’s not much we can do about that I’m afraid.

Councillors hope they’ll be a nice extra, outdoor facility for the youngsters and the not-so-young of the town. Players will have to bring heir own bats and balls.

There’ll be a new post when we get nearer delivery time.

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