Lion Green – The Recovery Phase

Councillors David Round and Simon Dear today, Wednesday, met contractors on site following the departure of the FunFair at the weekend.

As you will know, the ground was very soft and inevitably churned up by the Fair – see here – but the news is good.

The contractors advise that it should recover quickly and the Council has instructed the work to begin as soon as the ground is dry (hopefully next week).

The Green will be harrowed, overseeded and probably fertilised and it is expected to recover well by mid-May, in time for the next planned event, the Classic Car Show on 27th.

The Scouts have done their bit in agreeing to use the other side of Lion Green for their St George’s Day celebration on 22nd April.

We can’t fence off the whole Green but Councillors ask you all to stay off the grass for the next few weeks to give it the best chance of a full recovery.

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