Lion Green – Not Pretty

Haslemere Town Council (HTC) are custodians of Lion Green and as you might know, it’s a mess at the moment.

Bookings are taken by the Council many months in advance and we live in a country where the weather is obviously unpredictable.

The funfair on site at the moment deferred its arrival by a week to avoid the weather but got caught anyway. These things happen.

I thought it might be worth explaining a few things.

The Council is paid a four-figure amount for the commercial use of the Green and a four-figure deposit is taken to cover damage.

HTC has a contractor visiting site on 11th April to assess the damage. Repairs/reseeding/levelling will be done.

The next scheduled event is a Scouts St George’s Day celebration on 22nd April. We are liaising with them at present.

After that there’s the Classic Car show on 27th May and the Fringe Festival from 4th July.

Once the rain stops and the work is done, the ground will recover quickly but HTC are reviewing their contract with operators to decide whether heavy vehicles should be permitted on site before say May.

It’s a fine line between allowing the use of the Green as a community facility and dealing with the sometimes unpredictable consequences of that.

Your thoughts would be appreciated in helping us to come to a conclusion. Please get in touch.




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