Incident/Damage in Waitrose Car Park, Haslemere


Saturday 18th November, 9.40pm, this report just in from Haslemere Town Councilllor, Jim Edwards.

At 7.30pm a Blue BMW drove very quickly the wrong way down the north side of the Waitrose car park, did a ‘wheely turn’ lost control then skidded into a Mazda saloon (possibly written off), over corrected and hit the centre upright of the Waitrose glass trolley park causing extensive damage.

The car then drove off leaving behind numerous mangled trollies and a broken glass covered area.

Waitrose have reported the incident to the police who are yet to arrive. The duty manager does have the registered number of the offending vehicle and he and Cllr Edwards are waiting until the police arrive before undertaking repairs.

The damaged areas have been cordoned off until the morning when a clean up operation will be undertaken. The incident has also been reported to the Waverley emergency officers, who own and run the car park.

New photos added on Sunday morning. The trolley shelter is beyond repair and is now being demolished.

Sunday night latest – one person has been located by Police and is ‘helping with their enquiries’.

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