Haslemere Hogs

Did you notice a few colourful piggies dotted around Haslemere during the summer of 2017?

Brian ‘Hogmeister’ Howard had 60 Haslemere Hogs constructed of glass fibre and resin, wonderfully decorated, and then subtly placed around the town…

Haslemere Town Council donated a grant to help cover some of the costs of construction and get the project going.The pigs have even proved themselves to be weatherproof!



Throughout May and June 2017, local businesses proudly rented and displayed the Haslemere Hogs. Then, in July, they had the option to buy the Hogs outright, or return them to be auctioned to the public for charity by local auctioneer John Nicholson on 4th July 2017.

See more on this story at ‘Get Surrey‘ , where Graham Norton, Amanda Holden and Julie Walters each have signed their own hog associated to them in one way or the other.

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