About War Memorials

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War Memorials

Haslemere Town Council consider the preservation of the Town’s War Memorials as one of its most important duties to the community.


Haslemere Town Council always inspects the Memorials and the surrounding area every summer, to ensure that any work required to maintain them may be carried out before the commemorations on Remembrance Sunday [the second Sunday in November].

Finding Haslemere’s War Memorials

Haslemere itself has four Memorials:

1   –   Grayswood War Memorial,

            at the entrance to Grayswood Village,

               on Grayswood Road.

Grayswood War Memorial, Surrey, UK

2   –   In the middle of Haslemere High Street.

3   –   Beacon Hill War Memorial,

outside St. Alban’s Church, Hindhead.

4   –   Outside St. Stephen’s Church, Shottermill.

More War Memorials

A fifth War Memorial can be found at Shottermill Pond, Camelsdale – which is just a short walk down the road from St Stephen’s Church.

However, beware of the geese… they are often rather peckish!


All four Memorials are used for the commemorations every year.

The Mayor of Haslemere leads a procession from St. Bartholomew’s Church to Haslemere Town Centre, where they lay a wreath on behalf of the town, and read the names of The Fallen from the Memorial.

The Memorial was actually founded by the people of Haslemere themselves, as a fitting tribute to those who gave their lives for their country during the First and Second World Wars.

The Great War Memorial Recreation Ground

War Memorial Recreation Ground

The Recreation Ground was purchased by Haslemere’s War Memorial Committee in 1921, and was presented to the Haslemere Urban District Council as a thanks-offering for those who served, and who died, in the Great War.

The First World War (1914-18)

If you would like further information about the history behind the names inscribed upon the Haslemere High Street Memorial, you can view more details at:


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