Hindhead Road Closure

At last night’s Town Council meeting, Surrey Councillor Richard Hampson gave members an update on the road closure at Hindhead.

What was originally thought to be a sewer collapse turned out to be holes (voids) created below ground by a leak in the Thames Water supply network, ie. a water leak had washed away the subsoil.

Richard reported that ground-penetrating radar had revealed the extent of the problem and that work was well underway to fill these in and re-open the road.

According to information received today, Friday 29th, by Haslemere’s mayor Cllr Malcolm Carter, the tarmac is due for delivery on Monday 2nd October and the re-opening is hoped for by the middle of next week.

The photo below shows the situation on Friday afternoon with the sub-base already re-instated, so that date does look to be achieveable.

All Councillors are aware of the importance of this route to residents and businesses alike and will be checking on progress in the days ahead.

Haslemere Hindhead Road Closure


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