Haslemere – Council Tax to Rise

But not by much.

At the end of last week, Haslemere Town Council met to decide how much tax (the precept), it will ask from its residents for 2018/2019. It’s included in the overall Council Tax bill you get from Waverley Borough Council.

Haslemere Council does have increased costs this year, mainly as a result of taking over the town-centre public toilets and supporting the new Hunter Centre for residents with dementia. Another noticeable cost is supporting the Citizens Advice Bureau in Well Lane that is handling increasing numbers of clients with financial difficulties.

Long story short, HTC will be adding an extra £5.84 per household per YEAR in the Band D property category. Last year there was no increase at all.

The HTC precept is the smallest component of the Council Tax bill.

2017 Council Tax Bill

Band G bill here to illustrate the different elements. Band D will be lower in all categories. Click the image to check yours

Given these new responsibilities, Councillors hope you agree that this money, raised locally and spent locally, is a fair use of the cash.

Just to remind you, all 18 Town Councillors are unpaid volunteers, so we don’t add to the burden.

Your views or questions are very welcome.

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