Haslemere Well

There has been a well in Haslemere since around 1500. Logically enough, you’ll find it at the far end of Well Lane – adjoining the National Trust land, at the back of the High Street. Until the late 1800s, local people used it as one of their main supplies of water… but you really wouldn’t want to drink it now.

The Last Water-Carrier

As any Haslemere schoolchild could tell you, the last water-carrier in the town was a lady called Hannah Oakford. She would charge 1½d (a penny-ha’penny) to deliver a bucket of water to your house.


Plans Afoot

There are plans afoot to renovate the well, along with the surrounding area and the gate that protects it, and then the Town Council will celebrate this former ‘giver-of-life’ with a Well-Dressing ceremony. Councillors Round, Odell, Dear and Bradley & King are involved in this one.

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