Haslemere – Water Shortage

Right. I’ve been up to Blackdown reservoir with my council hat on.

The system is functioning technically (pumps etc) but the long dry spell means the reservoir is down to 16% of capacity. That has led to low pressure/no pressure in areas of Haslemere.

Tankers are on site (1 x 19,000 litre, 1 x 12,000 litre).

These will help put water back into the system this evening, and peak demand is dropping now.

New mains water will be pumped up again overnight so things should be better in the morning but there is a need to stop watering lawns and washing cars while this dry spell lasts (maybe the end of the week?).

The water falls back down to the town under gravity during the day.

Thames Water are not permitted by Ofwat to impose a hosepipe ban as they leak too much water (c.15% output – mainly in London), so that makes voluntary restriction so important.

They’re decent men on site and they’re doing their best.

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