Haslemere Water Pt 2

Haslemere Water Shortgage
Several residents are reporting low pressure/no water again.
It’s the same as last night. They were tankering all last night (19,000 litres at a time, i.e 19 tonnes) and have been today.
There’s men on site who will be there all night again.
They fill up at the depot in Godalming so the return trip isn’t too long.
There was 2.5 bar (35psi) of pressure at about 6.15pm but everyone’s been eating dinner, flushing lavatories etc (as you’re fully entitled to), ‘peak demand’ in the jargon and it’s obviously reduced the level in the reservoir. Again.
Councillors have spoken today and are trying to meet Thames Water but the basic problem is long, dry spell and capacity that was ample when it was built but which no longer is enough.
Solutions, it seems to me are:
  1. Reduce water consumption – some hope
  2. Build a bigger reservoir
  3. More capacity to supply more water to the reservoir in a given period, ie bigger pumps
  4. Direct connections to the remotely pressurised TW network to reduce draw from the reservoir.
Councillors plan to explore all options with TW
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