Haslemere Water Problems

Thames Water are this morning, 3rd July, trying to fix water supply problems in the town.

Water for the south of the town at least is pumped up from Thames’s pipes at lower levels to a reservoir at Chase Lane/Blackdown.

From there it falls under gravity back down to customers properties.

What’s happened, according to men on site, is that at least one of the pumps is not working properly and need to be fixed.

They can’t say at this point (9.10am) whether they can repair the existing equipment or will need to install new, nor can they give an estimate for the completion of the work.

In the meantime, tankers are being brought in to top up the reservoir so supplies can fall back down the hill to the town.

Some customers have no water, some have low pressure but we can obviously all do our bit by conserving water as much as possible at the moment.

Bottled water is available at Tesco, opposite Lion Green.

UPDATE 14.00

Thames Water now reporting levels in the reservoir are rising and normal supplies should be resumed during the course of the afternoon.

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