Haslemere – The Heights – Update

Haslemere Councillor Simon Dear writes to give the latest news on the application to build houses on the old Prep School site on Hill Road.

There have been three applications:

  1. 25 units, inc 4 affordable. Refused – out of character, harmful effect on street scene.
  2. 20 units, inc 4 affordable. Refused – similar reasons 17/10/19
  3. 4 houses on the lower, Hill Road end of the site. Refused – similar reasons on 11/11/19.

There has been one appeal, against the 25-unit scheme. Documents have been submitted to the Planning Inspector and the appeal will be heard towards the end of January 2020.

A decision will be due around the end of February. Waverley will obviously defend the decision to refuse.

In the meantime there are informal discussions going on between the site owners and the planners about another scheme. Discussions are confidential at this stage but do not seem to differ greatly from what has been seen before. That may change of course.

Simon said “Most people accept something needs to happen here, but it should respect the character and scale of the vicinity, as well as the established building line on Hill Road. I sit on the planning committee at Waverley and know the strength of local opinion”.

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