Haslemere – Report Potholes

The town has got too many. No question.

Roads here are the responsibility of Surrey County Council but they have to know where the problems are in order to fix them.

They do have crews on patrol but they also rely on us to tell them where potholes are.

To make this as easy as possible, Haslemere’s Surrey County Councillor, Richard Hampson, is keen you use THIS LINK to the Surrey webpage where you can report them.

The writer can confirm this does work. It took about a week, but the Surrey contractor did turn up and fill in a hole on Petworth Road once it had been logged on the site. It’s mobile-friendly, and street, postcode or map searchable. Please do use it and don’t use third party apps. They don’t always get through.

As a bit of background, in Kent, there are 900,000 journeys travelled every year for every mile of road.

In Surrey the figure is 1,400,000 journeys but the government pays county councils on the basis of miles of road in a county, NOT on how much they’re used. Which is something the leadership of Surrey is trying to change.

To find out more about Surrey potholes go HERE (another Haslemere Today page).

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