Haslemere – Public Toilet News

Councillors would just like to point out that the public loos in town will be closed from Wednesday 6th March for about 5 days whilst improvement works take place.

We’ve arranged for the rather nasty trough in the mens’ toilet to be taken out and replaced by two separate urinals. This’ll hopefully be a cleaner and less, er, odorous, arrangement.

Also, the three pans, cisterns and flushes in the ladies will be changed so they do the proper job, which they don’t at the moment.

This is the next step in the improvement of the loos, now they’ve been taken over by the Town Council and more will follow.

We’ve had problems with a local business shoving used nappies into the sanitary slots in the ladies and blocking them up, so we’ll have to seal them off and put individual bins in the cubicles themselves.

Sorry to have to shut them, but the contractor really can’t do the work otherwise.


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