Haslemere Potholes – Good Info

Town Councillors on Friday attended a meeting with Surrey County Council highways dept., which is responsible for the roads in and around Haslemere.

As discussed here, you are encouraged to report potholes to Surrey using this link.

Frustrations have arisen though when gangs turn out and fix a reported pothole but ignore others nearby – which then get reported and the gang comes back and fixes them separately some time later. Crazy.

The way to avoid this, is to write in extra details about the number of potholes on the website when you make a report, if others are close by.

Doing this means that Haslemere’s SCC officer is given the job to look at, rather than it being automatically sent to the contractor as a one-off.

He’ll get in his car and personally assess the situation and issue the necessary instructions.

Another frustration is seeing roadworks in place but nothing happening, or a job taking too long.

In that case, Surrey say to contact streetworks@surreycc.gov.uk. They’ll look into it further as each set of roadworks is controlled by a licence from the Council and they can take action.

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