Haslemere Pandemic!

Following on from the article here, hundreds (360 in fact) of Haslemere folk turned up today, Sunday 15th October, at the Museum to find out the results of the BBC Pandemic experiment.

The idea was to provide physical evidence of the spread of a theoretical disease that could be analysed by scientists from Cambridge University and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to model mathematically the spread of a real outbreak.

We were asked not to reveal any details as the programme will be broadcast on BBC4 next year but presenter Dr. Hanna Fry, a mathematician and TV presenter, organised everyone who took part in the app-based experiment in the garden of the Museum. The photo on the right above shows her talking on camera to one of the most prolific ‘spreaders’ of the disease.

There were undoubtedly problems with the app itself, not least Apple doing an iOS update part way through, but we were told a great deal of valuable information was obtained for the academics to examine.

Haslmere pandemic 4

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