Haslemere High Street – Pavement Gritting Done

Haslemere gritting Feb 2018

Cllr Simon Dear with local volunteer Robert Woodcock


Cllr Simon Dear and Farnham Lane volunteer Robert Woodcock have been out gritting the High Street pavement in preparation for the long-anticipated bad weather.

Using stocks laid in last year, the two gave the High Street and West Street a good helping of of salt & grit – shovel by shovel as it turned out since the gritting machine had broken down. Of course.

At the time of writing there’s a 90% chance of snow within the next 24 hours, so the pair hope their work will make things a bit easier for residents and help local business and shops weather the days ahead.

They also appreciated the kind words offered by many passing shoppers.

News is also coming in that Cllr Sahran Abeysundara and his crew did the same job gritting both sides of Weyhill. Excellent Sahran!

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