Haslemere Railway ATM Smashed

Familiar to residents for its blue neon lighting, in the early hours of Christmas Eve, villains used a large forklift to smash into the cash machine on the forecourt of Haslemere Railway station.

The remains of the cash machine lay amid the ruins of the forecourt building so presumably cash was taken on site.

Police spoken to by the Editor did not know how much money was in the machine, although it was at the end of a busy shopping day and a big party had taken place at the Station House Hotel opposite so hopes were that not much remained.

Police were not immediately aware if CCTV was available and local residents and guests of the Hotel will be spoken to.

As can be seen from the photos, damage to the station buildings was extensive and there are doubts whether what remains can be repaired, or if it will have to be demolished and rebuilt.

Either way, there will be disruption to the forecourt for the forseeable future.



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