Grayswood Walkabout

Another day, another walkabout by Councillors Peel (Grayswood Ward), Odell, Round and Dear (not shown), looking to improve the appearance of town. As the group moved around Grayswood, they identified that some matters were the responsibility of Surrey County Council, some were Waverley Borough Council, and some were the National Trust. The Town Councillors either have the knowledge of who to contact, or will ask the Town Clerk to check on their behalf, to ensure the right improvements are made.

Only a few places are the actual responsibility of Haslemere Town Council, but when they are, contractors can be instructed, or Councillors themselves will pick up tools.

The August walkabout started at the War Memorial at the top of the hill, noting what needs to be done before Remembrance Day. Overgrown trees have already been cut down as the result of an earlier visit, allowing peaceful views across the valley to the west.

A local resident had also been in touch with the Town Council over the damage to a grass verge in Grayswood, and action was noted to be taken.

Residents are encouraged to contact the Town Clerk with these sort of comments, so Councillors can help out. It’s what they want to do!


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