Gardening at the Loos

In a nice bit of post-election, cross-party co-operation, Lib Dem Councillor Jacquie Keen joined Cllrs Round, Odell and Dear, plus volunteer Liindz Peel on Saturday to have a go at the beds around the public loos in the Waitrose car park.

Now the Town has taken them over from Waverley, we have to sort this out and it was cheaper than getting in a contractor. Actually, it was free.

It also gives the lie to the idea that there are tribal political factions at work in Haslemere – we all just want to do the best for town.

A spin-off was that Cllr Keen turns out to be a plantswoman and a plan was hatched to take out the dull, woody shrubs in the main bed and replace them with something more interesting.

People of Haslemere – any plant suggestions?

2019-06-24T19:04:14+01:00 June 24th, 2019|