Free Parking to End

Ordinary Waverley Councillors endured a three-hour meeting last night taken up with the details of procedural matters and long speeches on the operation of committees, only to wake this morning to read that the Waverley Executive, controlled by an alliance of the  Farnham Residents’ Association, the Liberal Democrats, Greens and Labour have decided to re-instate all car parking charges in the Borough from 1st July. The fees were raised just before lockdown.

Conservative Opposition leader Julia Potts said “I find the manner in which this has just been announced extremely disappointing. Indeed just yesterday (Tuesday afternoon) I was at the first part of the Executive briefing and it was not mentioned that a final decision had been made.”

Haslemere Councillor Simon Dear said “This is horribly cynical. We all attended a long meeting last night and there was no mention of this. The Executive clearly planned the timing of the charging announcement to come out straight away after Councillors had any opportunity to talk about it”.

These people continually tell us how open and transparent they are, but residents can now judge for themselves how they operate.”

This is a long-planned kick in the teeth for businesses across the Borough just as they struggle to their knees after lockdown.”

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