FAQ 2017-09-13T11:10:26+01:00
Who pays for this website? 2017-09-03T20:42:04+01:00

This website is privately funded.

Not a penny of your money as Council Tax Payers goes towards it, nor does it receive donations from any third or political party.

Is this site used to promote the views of the Conservative Party? 2017-08-30T10:01:38+01:00

No. It is to explain to taxpayers what, having been elected, Conservative Councillors get up to for the benefit of the Haslemere.

It has been suggested that there be links here to the main Conservative party sites – news, membership etc, but the Editor’s view is that Haslemere Town Council isn’t Political, and should not become so, so no such links here.

Are the views expressed here the same as Haslemere Town Council? 2017-08-30T10:02:42+01:00

No. This isn’t a Town Council website and does not speak on its behalf.


What is the main purpose of this website? 2017-08-30T09:57:58+01:00

This site provides information on what Conservative members of Haslemere Town Council get involved in, how they do it, and what difference it makes.