Election Results – Town Council

Haslemere Simon Dear elected

First of all, the author would like to thank all those people who voted for him on 2nd May in the Haslemere South ward. Hearing the returning officer calling your name as “Elected” is an affecting thing.

Before 2nd May, 17/18 seats were held by people who stood as Conservatives but in the writer’s experience, there are no politics involved in the Town Council.

The idea that there’s some dogmatic Tory cabal being controlled by central office is just nonsense put about by other candidates with little to offer and little to criticise.

Everyone I’ve encountered simply wants to do the best for the Town, be it toilets, allotments, play equipment, green space maintenance, Christmas lights etc, etc.

The Conservatives in Haslemere lost 10 seats on 2nd May, with the others going to Lib Dems, Greens and Independents. There are 18 seats in total.

The writer hopes fervently that new and returning Councillors will continue to work together for Haslemere.

Reports on how things go will be posted here in the coming weeks.

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