Deal Done! – Haslemere Public Toilets

Haslemere Public Toilets

What have Haslemere Town Councillors ever done for us? Well, they’ve just done a deal they hope everyone will approve of.

As reported here Waverley Borough Council who operate the toilets, couldn’t afford to do so any more. The Town Council had been offered the loos several years ago but for one reason or another, no agreement was reached and Waverley kept them open anyway.

Earlier this year though, Waverley announced the toilets would close. From their point of view, they were costing tens of thousands a year to operate, being part of a borough-wide cleaning & maintenance contract it can ill-afford.

In response to a loud Haslemere outcry, Councillors have now signed a deal with Waverley to take them over and keep them open – at a much lower cost.

To begin with, the Council has taken them on a tenancy-at-will, a short-term agreement that both parties can walk away from if they wanted to. The Council will pay no rent to Waverley for the loos, just clean and maintain them for the town. Sunday 29th October will be Waverley’s last day and on Monday 30th, the Council arranged a deep-clean to take place to mark the change of management.

Because the tenancy-at-will is a short-term document, Councillors don’t think it’s a good idea to invest a great deal of money doing a full refurbishment of the toilets at this stage. Instead, some tidying up and minor repairs only will be done.

Both Councils intend that a proper long-term lease is entered into in the next few months and once that’s done, Haslemere will have the security of tenure to carry out a decent refurbishment maybe next year and bring the toilets up to a state suitable for the 21st century.

The Editor of this site was involved in doing the deal with Waverley, so if there are any questions, requests or observations, please do get in touch.

Haslemere Public Toilets in front of your new, locally-run WCs

Mayor Carter, Cllrs Round, Peel, Dear, Piper and King in front of your new, locally-run WCs

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