Climate Emergency


Waverley Borough Council last night, 18th September, passed a resolution that there is a climate emergency. This was supported by Councillors of all parties.

Where there were differences though was in what to do next. Some measures will be difficult and expensive to implement and will take a lot more consideration.

Waverley for example has 5,000 council houses. Converting them all to be as carbon neutral as possible could easily cost £2,000 per property, so £10 million. To put that in context, Waverley’s total budget last year was £13.5 million.

Many dramatic speeches were made by Lib Dems and Greens about us standing in the middle of the road with the fast-moving car of climate change about to run us over.

In response, the Conservatives proposed an immediate and effective idea – that all Council meetings now take place at 4.00pm rather than in the evening. This would save on heat, light, staffing costs, energy use (particularly in the winter) reduce the Council’s carbon footprint and be utterly simple to implement.

It would make it much easier for Councillors to come to meetings by public transport too.

The result – the idea was blocked by the same Lib Dems and Greens who were voted in to run the Council in May!

I’m confused – how about you?


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