Children’s Roundabout on Lion Green

The Town Council looks after this much-loved playground, but after more than 10 years of use by children young and not so young, the roundabout in the Lion Lane playground has worn out. 4 years ago some running repairs were done but now the main mechanism needs replacing.

The shaft is what the roundabout spins on, and should be smooth and shiny from top to bottom, but it’s been badly mangled by bearings that have broken as you can see here:

The Council has asked contractors to quote for both replacing the roundabout and repairing properly what’s there. Replacement is alarmingly expensive (think the price of a new small car) so it’s going to be repaired. This is also quite expensive as it involves digging out part of the ¾-ton concrete base below ground, replacing the shaft, installing new bearings, re-pouring concrete and then making good the rubber surface that’s been disturbed. Parts take 4 weeks to arrive, so the Council’s hoping to have it done before the end of the summer.

This sort of thing is handled by the Amenities committee of the Council, and Councillors Abeysundara, Carter, Dear, Odell & Round have been on the case.




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