How the Council Works

How the Council Works 2017-09-12T15:08:56+01:00

Believe it or not, Haslemere is subject to three layers of Councils:

Surrey County Council, based in Kingston on Thames

Waverley Borough Council, based in Godalming

Haslemere Town Council, in the middle of the High Street

From here on, ‘the Council’ refers to Haslemere Town Council.


The Council is divided into several sub-committees which deal with individual areas of responsibility.


This involves maintaining verges, open spaces, allotments, flower beds, planters
– the appearance of the town generally.

It’s the Amenities Committe that’s dealing with the Lion Lane Playground and the Well for example.

Finance & Audit

£20 Cash

This speaks for itself:

Money management.


The Council has some money available to give to deserving local causes.

One recent example was giving seed money to help get the Haslemere Hogs project underway.

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau, in Well Lane, also benefits.


The Town Council Planning Committee cannot grant or refuse planning permission. It is asked to give an opinion on applications made in the town, and passes these to Waverley who do decide.

The public have the right to attend and speak at Town Council Planning Meetings, and are encouraged to do so, if there’s something they’re interested in or something that affects them.


Staffing deals with the permanent admin staff employed by the Council.

The most senior of these is the Town Clerk which, despite the slightly menial associations of the word, is effectively the Chief Executive of the Council.

The Town Clerk is an important position – carried out with great skill and care by the present officer.

A lot of the real work is done by these sub-committees.

They then request approval for their proposals from the Full Council, which is made up of fully elected members.